How to choose IPTV service providers wisely in 2022?

There has been a switch from traditional television to IPTV in recent times. This has led to a huge influx of IPTV services which has made it extremely difficult for people to determine the Best IPTV service. This post shares the top 6 tips to choose the best IPTV service. Thus, by the time you have finished reading this post, you will be able to make an informed decision about which IPTV service to use.

What is IPTV service

What Is IPTV?

Before we move on with the tips, it is important to understand what IPTV actually is. In the simplest of words, IPTV is a system that relies on the internet to propagate television content to viewers. It allows viewers to watch live shows and choose which program they would like to watch whenever they want. IPTV has quickly become the main form of television content transmission. Millions of people prefer IPTV over traditional TV transmissions such as terrestrial transmissions, cable, and satellite.

the benefits of using IPTV?

There are many benefits to using IPTV, including the fact that it frees you from the use of satellite dishes and traditional cable networks. It provides you with all the paid and unpaid channels. So you can watch the latest movies and matches that are broadcast live on the Bain Sports Network.

There is also an important advantage of IPTV subscription, which is that the IPTV system is less expensive for the user. It gives you all the sporadic subscriptions to a subscription-like Netflix, Bein Sport, and OSN at the same time.

IPTV is not limited to TVs with cable connections only. However, it can also be accessed through televisions, computers, tablets, and smartphones. This means that users can stream everything via IPTV service from any device connected to the Internet.

Services Provided by IPTV Providers

Video on Demand: This service allows you to access videos from the server media library at any time.

Live Television: This service automatically broadcasts currently aired TV shows.

On-demand television: This IPTV service requires you to pay for each TV show and movie that you watch.

Six Tips for Choosing the Best IPTV Service

In this section, we will give an overview of what you should look for when making your pick for the best service provider that will meet your TV needs. Below are the most important considerations every viewer has to take into account when choosing an IPTV service provider.


This is the most obvious thing you need to look for, highly recommend getting a copy of their channels list to check it by yourself, or if they have a channel list page on their website that will make things much more convenient. Most IPTV providers offer free trial periods. These trials can be used to check if the channels of your choice are available and their quality of sound and picture.

Take the time to figure out which bundle is best for you and your family. More often than not, the ideal service will supply a mix of sports, TV programs, news, and movies. Some providers, on the other hand, let you tailor your bundle to include just your preferred channels. Although their services may be more expensive, this sort of company maybe your best option.



One of the most important tips that you should consider when selecting the IPTV service provider is located. The first thing you need to consider is your current place of residence and your chances of moving somewhere new. Not every IPTV service is available everywhere.

Many tend to be restricted to specific regions. This is why you should look at the region where the IPTV service is available. However, there are some providers that offer global access schemes. But, these tend to be more expensive. Hence, you should make sure that you choose a service provider that caters to your region and the region that you are thinking of moving to. It is always a good idea to select a provider that covers a much larger geographical area.

Device Compatibility

Apps are used by most IPTV services for streaming content. There are some providers that might only stream using a PC or smart TV that has internet. Even though many providers offer the option to stream content concurrently on various devices, it is important to keep in mind that some only allow you to use specific devices.

This is why you should consider when and how you would access the content. After you have selected the device you want to use for streaming content, you should narrow down the options and choose the provider that allows you to use your desired device. It is better to opt for a provider that offers multiple streaming options on different devices concurrently like Firestick, Android Box, Formuler, Nvidia shield, Phone, and etc. This would be an ideal option for those of you that have a family.


Subscription price plays a major role when making a choice of your IPTV provider with some offering different plans at different rates. The higher the price of the package, the more features and add-ons you should expect in return. Find out from the provider if you can trade off some of the features for a smaller subscription fee.

Proper research on the prices of different plans offered by the service providers can gift you a nice package without having to break the bank. Normally, people will go for the cheapest but more often the quality may be compromised. Take your time and go through reviews and comparison websites. You may be lucky to get the best at the lowest possible price.

Excellent Customer Service

Users of the best IPTV services usually don’t have any problems, but it’s always good to choose a service provider that offers professional customer service. With 24/7 customer support, even if there is a small problem, it can always be solved in time, which gives a good customer experience.

Customer support is not useful in case of issues alone there’re many ways to benefit from their team like troubleshooting issues with your setup and help you get the service running for you by providing setup guides and best practices.


Find out what others are saying about the service before making a decision. Ask for references from friends and check online for reviews from users. This helps you gauge the popularity of the provider and the reasons for their popularity.

A good way to spot Scammers which they will either have negative reviews or no reviews at all, sites like trust pilot make it extremely hard for them to post fake reviews. you can either search for their name or website URL on Trust pilot steer clear from any provider that doesn’t have any reviews at all because this is a good indication that they’re either new or scammers.

Where to find a reliable IPTV service?

Today, there are Nowadays, there are many IPTV service providers emerging in the market, and people do not know where to find reliable IPTV service providers. Therefore, in combination with the six points mentioned above, you can find the best IPTV service through the following places.

By top IPTV blogs

You can search the IPTV provider’s website or blogs for detailed information. There have several blog review sites dedicated to IPTV services, like,,, etc. And you can use the six points above to evaluate whether they are the IPTV service you are looking for in these review blogs.

by Reddit

You can also search for the best IPTV provider through Reddit. Reddit is a network of communities where a lot of people like to share their interests, hobbies, and opinions about things. You can find the community for IPTV on Reddit to learn which IPTV service is the best for you. Or send a post about IPTV service to ask netizens for help.

By YouTube Testing

YouTube, the world’s second most popular website, is a popular way for people to record and share their lives or express their opinions. Of course, there are many well-known bloggers who have reviewed different IPTV services, and you can choose the reliable IPTV service according to their videos.

By Friend’s Referral

Of course, the surest way to find a reliable IPTV service is through a friend’s referral. Because your friends have already used this IPTV service, they have a comprehensive understanding of its quality and characteristics. Through ask for references from friends, you can avoid tramping on thunder.

Best IPTV service

Which is the best IPTV Provider?

Choosing the best IPTV provider can be a daunting task. Limited independent information is available and many providers’ claims are not easily verified. Therefore, we decided to recommend some reliable IPTV service providers who have stable servers at a reasonable price.

Top IPTV Subscription Service Providers:

Hulu + Live TV is the best IPTV service on the market overall. The combination of 65+ premium Live TV channels with 1,000s of original on-demand movies & TV shows makes Hulu + Live TV a great choice overall.

The total price for Hulu + Live TV is $64.99/month with the option of multiple add ons.

Fubo TV offers a wide selection of live TV channels that you can watch on all of your devices. With Fubo TV you can watch on up to 10 screens at once. This means you can split this package with friends and family to make it more affordable since you can use it on 10 devices at once.

There is a Start Package with 110 premium Live TV Channels for $65/month, and an Elite Package with 153 premium Live TV Channels for $80/month.

Philo is one of the cheaper IPTV services on the market currently at $25/month. For that amount, you get 60+ Live TV channels with a ton of awesome Entertainment and Movie TV channels. Philo also offers Unlimited DVR, meaning that you can record as much live TV and watch it later as you want.

XtrixTV service is a High-Quality smart IPTV subscription provider with over 10 years of experience. It is an Android-based IPTV service that you can enjoy Live TV, 7 days catch-up Playback, and VOD movies. XtrixTV IPTV solution provides over 1000 live TV channels and over 3000 VOD movies (video on demand shows) with high-quality HD Streaming. It is very popular because of its stability, favorable price, and excellent device compatibility. 

XtrixTV also offers a 3-Day Free Trial so you can test out the service and see if it is for you. And you just need to pay $19.99/month so that you can watch XtrixTV IPTV from anywhere in the world.

Sling TV is the best IPTV service available for watching live sports channels. You can pick your base package for just $35/month and then add on your favorite sports packages for much cheaper than cable.

With Sling TV you can also select your favorite NBA Team to get every live game for much cheaper than NBA League Pass. This makes Sling TV the best option available for Sports Lovers and allows you to watch your favorite teams always.


You’ve learned everything there is to know about IPTV services. You may organize your entertainment viewing by recording your favorite shows and streaming channels on your television or mobile as needed. IPTV is quickly establishing itself as the new brand of online entertainment, and so we can speculate that these services will become the mainstream for people to watch videos in the future.

The IPTV provides the most comprehensive combination of TV channels and movies. If you want to enjoy the best IPTV service without spending too much money, maybe the XtrixTV is the best option.


Does XtrixTV offer a free trial?

Yes, there is 3 Days Free Trial subscription code available. You can get it from our website automatically or contact us directly.

Recommended IPTV Internet speed?

We do recommend the internet speed is above 4Mbps(4Mbps for download and around 1Mbps for upload), so can watch the channels smoothly without issues. Frankly most homes in Europe, the internet speed is better than 4Mbps. Also you can check here to see your internet speed.

What are the payment methods?

We accept Visa and Master credit cards and Debit Card. If you want other payment methods, please contact us.

have to use VPN?

You can use VPN or not, both are OK.
With the rise of IPTV streaming taking over the older ways of satellite boxed and cable boxes VPNs have been running alongside offering great benefits to IPTV users that cover extra performance and privacy as opposed to not using a VPN.
One of the main issues we currently see in the IPTV market is internet providers being forced to live block IPTV servers when there is a football game on. This has a big impact if your IPTV providers get blocked as the block can last for over 4 hours and you miss the game you have been waiting to watch.
Luckily XtrixTV IPTV does not have this issue so you don’t need to use a VPN at all but sometimes it may be more beneficial to use one to make sure you are getting the best performance without any ISP bandwidth throttling which they can sometimes do.

Does the subscription start immediately after I pay?

After the paid subscription payment is successful, the code will be activated and the code activation will take effect. 

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